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The Three Rivers Music Society (popularly known as TRMS), a registered charity, established in 1975, has its principal aim to promote music in all its aspects by organising concerts and recitals not only by established, talented performers but also aspiring youngsters. TRMS organises an annual programme of around six evening and four lunchtime chamber concerts at local venues.

TRMS's 44th AGM took place on Wednesday December 11 at the Baptist Church High Street Rickmansworth and it reapproved the committee structure and re-elected the following officers -

  1. Chairman:   Ash Patil
  2. Treasurer:   Irvin Needle
  3. Secretary:   Denise Wellham
  4. Programme Director:   Steven Halls
  5. Membership Secretary: Michael Currey

David Budge, John Donegan and Sue Howse were also re-elected to the committee.

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Music Repertoire

The main focus of TRMS is undoubtedly centred around the Western Classical Music. It is, however, also actively involved in extending the current scope, without diluting its thrust of its primary focus to also include

  • Jazz
  • Indian classical
  • Popular music - all time greats
  • Folk music
  • Vocalists

The Society encourages and provides opportunities for aspiring young student musicians to perform through afternoon concerts so as to help them build their confidence to perform in front of large audiences. These are generally held on weekday afternoons. The Society's main concerts feature professional musicians and groups/string quartets of national and international repute.

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Format and venue

The concerts are held mainly at Rickmansworth Baptist Church (see full address below) where the Society has provided a purpose built stage for the performers, quartets, Chamber orchestra or jazz musicians. TRMS is also considering an additional venue in Chorleywood to encourage and accommodate new members and Friends from not only Chorleywood but The Chalfonts, Amersham, Sarratt, Chipperfield and other nearby areas. TRMS is particularly pleased to announce the acquisition of a 6 foot Schiedmayer grand piano for performers' use on a long term free loan. This piano will be permanently housed in Rickmansworth Baptist Church.

Rickmansworth Baptist Church
High Street

Free tea/coffee is provided before and during the interval of the concerts. TRMS also provides a free concert programme and organises, where possible, a free pre-concert talk by the performers.

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Rickmansworth Young Musician

of the Year Competition

The Rickmansworth Young Musician of the Year, RYMY, is an annual competition jointly run and promoted by the Rotary Club of Rickmansworth and TRMS. It encourages aspiring young musicians under the age of 19 from London and the Home Counties as well as from elsewhere in the UK and abroad to participate in this yearly event.

The 2019 competition final took place on
Saturday, 6th July,2019
at the Rickmansworth Baptist Church, High Street, Rickmansworth WD3 1RH

To apply to take part in this competition for 2019, please visit the website -
Rickmansworth Young Musician of the Year

The RYMY Committee welcomes any new people to join in order to maintain its high standards and encourage aspiring youngsters to participate in what is a vibrant competition and an important event in Rickmansworth's musical calendar.

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