Ash Patil writes...

Dear Music Lovers

I hope you will agree with me that the evening convert by Thomas Bowes (violin) and Verona Maier (piano) of Wednesday 6 October was one the best concerts TRMS ever organised. One of those attending commented "My husband and I have attended many concerts at Cadogan Hall and we have never heard better playing than we did tonight."

My colleague, Dr Steven Halls has put together an exciting programme for concerts in 2022 that we will be able to share with you on the website shortly. In order to continue with enjoyable concerts with talented national and international musicians, we will certainly need your ongoing support, loyalty and enthusiasm.

Tonight's concert is by the former BBC New Generation Artists, the Galliard Ensemble including Adagio and Allegro in F minor by Mozart, and pieces by Briccialdi and other 20th century and modern composers. The next concert is a lunchtime one by Purcell School Students and I sincerely hope to be able to welcome you for both of these. Keeping up with the tradition of inviting Year 6 Boys and girls from a local primary school, this time, it is the turn of Arnett Hills Primary School, Rickmansworth.

Please also attend if you can, our Annual General Meeting on just before the Purcell School Students' concert at 12.00 noon Wednesday 1st December 2021.

Minutes of the last AGM - 2019

Agenda for AGM - 2021

Best wishes for a healthy and COVID-free runup to Christmas, Ash


Chairman, TRMS


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